Hunt End Books

Welcome to our website. Hunt End Books began in 1992 when Anne Bradford, local author and historian, was working on some research in the local library and came across a collection of Victorian ghost stories. She realised that these tales captured the ethos of that period. Library staff suggested that she updated and published them. The resulting book was so popular that she has continued to collect eye-witness accounts of strange experiences and has now published twelve collections.

Anne's chief interest is oral history and she has compiled an oral history of Royal Enfield, Stourport-on-Severn and Redditch. Stourport-on-Severn has now been reprinted. She has also heavily edited a history of Worcestershire by Peter Neville Havins, and published 13 booklets on Redditch people who have interesting stories to tell, such as Madge Tillsley (the first black Mayor) and Albert Wharrad, who was involved in a mutiny while in the army and narrowly escaped being shot.

John Bradford, her husband, is a keen walker and photographer and decided to publish his photographs and comments from a year-long walk along the river Severn, entitled the River Severn. This was such a success that John continued it with the River Avon, and the River Teme. The River Avon is still in print. In 2011, he published the Severn’s Southern Hills which covers the Malvern Hills and beyond. All John’s books are in full-colour photography together with his observations on various flora and fauna, sites of historical significance, etc. He is now working on a book about the Shropshire hills.

Anne Bradford, Author, Hund End Books

John Bradford, Author, Hund End Books